By Johnnie M Stull Walker

Faithful (Matt. 6:25-35): Believe in your child. Every child needs someone to depend on in every stage of life for his physical and spiritual needs, just as you depend on God in every stage of your life.

Alpha (Revelation 1:8): God is the "first". Put God first in your life and then be first in your child's life.

Teacher (Deut. 6:7): Who can best teach your child? You of course. Train your child in the way he or she should go according to the scripture.

Healer (James 5:13-16): Jesus is the greatest healer of both physical and spiritual needs. Open your arms and heart to your child when his spirit has been broken and he or she is hurting.

Evangelist (Eph. 4:11-13): Share the gospel of Jesus Christ with your child. Be sure you know Jesus for yourself first.

Reconcile (Rom. 5:10-11 and Heb. 2:17-18): Christ paid the ultimate price and made the ultimate sacrifice for man to be restored to God' favor. Father, please make all the sacrifices necessary to restore your children to yourself and God.